Transportation Blueprint

Transportation Blueprint


This document outlines how transportation industry leaders can solve supply chain inefficiencies and deliver a better customer experience, while lowering costs. It shows them how to leverage interconnection and colocation to exchange traffic at the digital edge. Interconnection allows these companies to integrate digital and business ecosystems for greater collaboration, increase visibility along the supply chain, create a more agile logistics platform, and gain deeper business and customer insights from increased data capture and analytics.

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Transportation firms must optimize their logistics platforms using real-time digital processes throughout their supply chains to deliver greater customer satisfaction. IoT and cloud data sources need to be integrated and local analytics leveraged for deeper insights into customer requirements. Architecting for digital business using interconnection enables private data exchange between transportation firms, digital business ecosystems and customers for greater collaboration.

Capabilities include:

  • Rich user experience — Customers receive real-time updates.
  • Interconnected supplychain — Dynamic infrastructure provides end-to-end visibility.
  • Scalable capacity — Able to scale up for peak periods.
  • Global insights — Fast and efficient use of data for analysis and action.
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