Retail Banking Blueprint

Retail Banking Blueprint


This document outlines how retail bankers can provide more personalized, value-added experiences to meet customers’ rapidly changing banking requirements anywhere in the world. It shows how interconnecting employees, partners and customers closer to where data is aggregated and collected can enhance insight to customer preferences, resulting in more personalized experiences. It also demonstrates how access to networks, clouds and industry ecosystems can accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to market.

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Retail banking leaders are changing their IT infrastructures, bringing customers, employees, partners, clouds and data together to deliver high-quality user experiences. A global interconnection platform that reaches users wherever they are with secure, low-latency connectivity enables the insights required to develop personalized products and services. In addition, access to ecosystems interconnected to networks, clouds and partners facilitates collaboration, enabling new solutions to be delivered to market faster.

Capabilities include:

  • Rich user experience — Distributed points of exchange connect customers, clouds and data everywhere
  • Geographic scalability — Interconnection securely reaches markets, customers and employees
  • Market alignment — Accelerated product development leverages progressive partnerships and market innovators
  • Customer care — Localized data repositories support rapid, relevant insight into customer needs
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