Professional Services Blueprint

Professional Services Blueprint


This document outlines how professional services firms can provide tailored, outcome-based solutions to their clients, while enabling new business models. Professional services organizations will learn how distributed interconnection and colocation can help them differentiate the experience, de-risk the business and scale through ecosystems to meet emerging business demands.

 Your situation 

Professional services firms that wish to grow must quickly respond to customer demands for high-quality, outcome-based offerings. To achieve this objective, firms must re-architect their IT infrastructure on a globally distributed interconnection platform that integrates new digital technologies, enables dynamic partner collaboration and reduces business risk. A new global platform will enable professional services firms to create customized, value-added offerings, accelerate end-to-end solution delivery, and achieve real-time insights, resulting in enhanced customer visibility and satisfaction.

Capabilities include:

  • Outcome-based business models — Ability to respond and react quickly to market demands.
  • Geographic scalability and global reach — Global access to solutions and services proximate to clients.
  • Speed to market — Enhanced collaboration with partners and CSPs for value-added solutions.
  • Real-time analytics — Information integrated with AI for superior outcomes and experiences.
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