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The Sales Reps’ Choice CRM

ForceManager is a pioneering mobile CRM provider designed and built for field sales professionals. Using geolocation, ForceManager puts contextual information in the hands of sales reps on the move via a native application for smartphones tablets and Apple Watch, giving them the freedom and insight to do what they do best, sell.s

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Increase Field Sales Efficiency (mobility features)

Less than 50% of field sales reps use their traditional CRM: not only is reporting painful & time consuming but the CRM provides no contextual information while out in the field. This therefore creates the need for a geolocated mobile CRM that makes the most of iOS, turning Apple Watches, iPhones & iPads into key tools to increase sales. ForceManager is a CRM designed for field sales reps based on geolocation and mobility. Field sales reps get contextual, real-time data, on & offline, can report in seconds as well as locate nearby customers and opportunities via 3D Touch. Sales Managers and Business owners also get real-time insights, gain sales visibility and can improve performance.

Daily Activity Management

The ForceManager calendar helps sales reps plan their activity Sales reps can consult their own real-time task lists or those that are remotely assigned to them by their sales manager. ForceManager’s calendar can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Updated Pipeline Management On the Go

• ForceManager geolocation recognizes the sales rep’s position and provides a map of clients and sales opportunities in the vicinity. • The map indicates the optimum route for the sales rep to take to their next destination as well as the ETA, whether it’s by car or on foot. • ForceManager intuitively & immediately provides real-time information of the company the sales rep is visiting.

Quotes and Orders

• With ForceManager sales reps have access to the description, price and documentation of all products and services available. • Sales reps can provide quotes and place orders directly from the product catalogue on the app, whilst with the client. • Sales reps can make discounts and promotions during the visit.

Documents Archive

• Sales reps can use their device to show digital brochures and presentations. • Sales reps only show up-to-date materials. • Any type of file can be stored: presentations, images and videos.

Gain Real-Time Sales Insights (team metrics & reports)

Make the most informed decisions to build a coherent, effective sales strategy.


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