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ForceManager is a personal sales assistant app that solves the single BIGGEST pain point facing CRM software user uptake. Traditionally mobile CRMs have been hastily assembled hybrids of their desktop counterparts. Slow, clunky and difficult to use they are quickly abandoned by the field sales team leaving ZERO data in the CRM. Not good for business insight. ForceManager is different. Recomendation: ForceManager is designed for sales teams of 10 or +sales reps who work out of the office.

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Increase Field Sales Efficiency (mobility features)

Less than 50% of field sales reps use their traditional CRM: not only is reporting painful & time consuming but the CRM provides no contextual information while out in the field. This therefore creates the need for a geolocated mobile CRM that makes the most of iOS, turning Apple Watches, iPhones & iPads into key tools to increase sales. ForceManager is a CRM designed for field sales reps based on geolocation and mobility. Field sales reps get contextual, real-time data, on & offline, can report in seconds as well as locate nearby customers and opportunities via 3D Touch. Sales Managers and Business owners also get real-time insights, gain sales visibility and can improve performance.

Effortless Reporting On the Go

At the press of a button, sales reps can report a visit in less than 10 seconds (check-in) Check-ins can only be made from the client’s location Sales reps can report their visits either on the spot or later by making a voice note or typing a comment. No need to manually report sales visits or phone calls anymore. Sales reps can dedicate all their time to selling.

Daily Activity Management

The ForceManager calendar helps sales reps plan their activity Sales reps can consult their own real-time task lists or those that are remotely assigned to them by their sales manager. ForceManager’s calendar can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Tasks and Previous Interactions Record

With ForceManager, sales reps come armed to their sales visits with all relevant client information, easily accessed via tablet, smartphone or Apple Watch On or offline, information is always available regardless of internet connection.Client information includes: Contact information Geolocation Record of visits, orders, issues and communications (by email & phone) Sales opportunities Reports, metrics and statistics

Updated Pipeline Management On the Go

ForceManager geolocation recognizes the sales rep’s position and provides a map of clients and sales opportunities in the vicinity.The map indicates the optimum route for the sales rep to take to their next destination as well as the ETA, whether it’s by car or on foot. ForceManager intuitively & immediately provides real-time information of the company the sales rep is visiting.

Quotes and Orders

With ForceManager sales reps have access to the description, price and documentation of all products and services available. Sales reps can provide quotes and place orders directly from the product catalogue on the app, whilst with the client. Sales reps can make discounts and promotions during the visit.

Documents Archive

Sales reps can use their device to show digital brochures and presentations. Sales reps only show up-to-date materials. Any type of file can be stored: presentations, images and videos.

Improve Sales Reps Performance (individual metrics & reports)

FORCEMANAGER uses automatically collected, objective data to generate a detailed analysis of all sales activity and sends it to sales managers and reps.

Automatic measurement of sales impacts

Shows how much effort is being directed towards each category of client.

Easy identification of neglected accounts.

ForceManager provides automatically recorded data on the amount of interactions with the market that the sales force is generating.

This information is updated in real time, as impacts are made.

Quantify your sales efforts

The ForceActivity Score shows how user activity has evolved over a defined period. Select the users to compare their scores.

Gain Real-Time Sales Insights (team metrics & reports)

Make the most informed decisions to build a coherent, effective sales strategy

Improve sales activity

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of each of the sales reps’ activity is automatically sent out each week

Real, objective, automatically generated data

Updated Pipeline

Follow-up of the number of pending opportunities & their status, the total sales they would generate & the weighted total.

Sales Reps’ Activity Intensity Ranking

ForceManager generates a dynamic ranking of all sales reps, based on their level of activity, sales generated and other criteria.

Geographical Distribution of Sales Activity

ForceManager provides an accurate overview of the geographical regions where sales efforts are being focused, whether at local, regional, national or international level.

Geographical analysis is automatic and based on geolocated visits.

Segment Distribution of Sales Activity

Distribution of activity according to the potential of a client. Analyse the total amount of activity: check-ins, emails, calls, visits or newly created opportunities.

Improve Portfolio Coverage

Detect unattended accounts, optimise sales rep’s time & help them focus their efforts in a more profitable way.

A Comprehensive Overview of Sales Performance

ForceManager combines information on the intensity of sales activity with the sales generated by each sales rep, providing a detailed overview of sales network performance.


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