Exchange Online Kiosk (Government)


Cheaper licences for deskless workers.

All workers can benefit from productivity tools, including those without a desk or office, such as shift or retail workers, or any worker who uses a shared PC. Office 365 kiosk plans are designed to provide services to improve communication and collaboration for these workers.


Features and Benefits

Cost significantly less

Kiosk licences cost significantly less than full Office 365 licences and are quite an attractive option for many organisations that want to provide their staff with occasional or lightweight access to company mail and information.

Change user licences on the spot

Office 365 allows customers to change their user licences on the spot, so there’s nothing to stop Kiosk users from being upgraded to full licences – especially as they won’t lose their data in the process. This allows customers to provide their staff with Office 365 functionality without having to pay the full price.


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