Complete Mobile Sales Management with IT Helpdesk


Seamlessly Manage Your Sales Team and their IT needs.

The Complete Mobile Sales Management with IT Helpdesk bundle enables your business to better manage and build relationships. It offers easy-to-use field service management. The Business Cloud HelpDesk makes it easy for you to address employee SaaS and IT needs without adding to your current internal IT staff’s workload. You even have unified endpoint management for all desktop and mobile devices.


Features and Benefits

Know what’s in your sales pipeline

Know where deals are at in your sales pipeline and close more deals in less time through effective management. PipelineDeals helps you manage tasks and events, store documents, and track email opens and clicks.

Don’t waste time on set up

PipelineDeals is so intuitive that your business can get up and going quickly without spending time and money on an expensive implementation. New users can access free support via help resources, chat, email, and over the phone.


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