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Secure cloud storage designed to keep critical business data confidential.

Cloud Files™ is an affordable, redundant, scalable, and dynamic storage service. The core storage system is designed to provide a secure, network-accessible way to store an unlimited number of files.

With By Texo, your organization gets the most out of your cloud applications.

– Greater ROI through increased usage enabled by our dedicated team of Cloud Success Specialists.- All-inclusive premium support the way you want it. Call, chat, email or schedule a time.- Truly unlimited support for end-users and admins.- On-demand operational guidance ensures your team has the resources they need to leverage each application to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.- Cloud Management Suite included.

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Features and Benefits


Cloud Files maintains three copies of each file, so your users get files faster and more reliably. Availability is important to you, so our SLA guarantees it.


Cloud Files uses over 200 global edge locations around the world, so your users get content fast—from servers within their region. This makes Cloud Files great for media hosting. The Akamai CDN capability improves the performance further for distribution of digital content. In short, Akamai can bring data closer to end users and serve popular content faster.

Easy to Use

Store and manage your files using our online control panel or desktop software or programmatically via the Cloud Files API. Users can, within minutes, sign up for Cloud Files, create a container, upload a file, and publish that container’s content through the CDN. Developer tools are available for Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, and .NET.