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Mobile App and Cloud-Based Software

StreetSmart eAdvantage offers a suite of capabilities in one turnkey solution that includes a mobile app cloud-based management software that provides dispatchers and office staff with greater visibility into the field. StreetSmart helps to increase mobile worker productivity while at the same time improving customer service and reducing service operation costs.

Mobile Forms

Improve customer service and measure worker productivity using Forms on the StreetSmart mobile app. Field workers can easily record information on the job site and send details of the job progress, start and end times, and completed form information. This data is automatically consolidated and sent back to the office where it can be imported into payroll, finance, and other systems.


StreetSmart Timesheets allows mobile workers to clock in, record breaks, and clock out right on their mobile device. Hours captured are validated with time, date and location stamps. Dispatchers and office staff are able to set conditional alerts to get notified, if mobile workers are late for a shift, have not arrived at a job site, or are about to incur overtime. The StreetSmart cloud-based management application provides access to timesheet data from virtually anywhere.

GPS Location Intelligence

StreetSmart provides the location of every mobile worker on a Google Map with detailed information such as arrival times, break status, the route driven and more. This allows dispatchers and office staff to access workers location in real-time from any location with internet access, providing greater visibility and better management of activities in the field.


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