Bigtincan Hub

One Integrated, Intuitive Platform

Bigtincan Hub is a mobile, AI-powered sales and service enablement platform designed to increase sales team success by helping them better prepare for meetings, improve client and prospect engagement, enhance collaboration with peers, compress sales cycles, and improve overall win rates. Through its intuitive, premier user experience, Bigtincan Hub delivers real-time content recommendations, ensuring users have the right content to work in any situation and location, on or offline


One Integrated, Intuitive Platform

Everything you need to access, customize, present, collaborate and share content while on a mobile device.

Incredible User Experience

Bigtincan® Hub delivers an incredible user experience that ensures rapid user adoption. For users on the web, Bigtincan provides a consumer-app like user experience for both content publishers and content viewers. Created in a native dynamic responsive design, Bigtincan now brings the benefits of secure, controlled content enablement to everybody in the enterprise using a web browser. Users can view content published to them, share, edit, annotate and more – all from their web browser.

Superior Content Experience

Automatically deliver the right content to the right mobile device users, regardless of where the content resides, directly to their mobile device. Content is organized based on relevance attributes and renders with complete fidelity on any mobile device. Our visual search technology allows additional visual elements to be added to a content structure. Users can not only search through their content, inside files, rich media descriptions and metadata but also through internet feeds and people information.

SalesAI Technology

Bigtincan’s Sales AI technology provides visibility & fine-grained measurement of your content’s utilization as well as intelligence for content that is most relevant given a number of attributes such as a mobile user’s role, association, a company’s particular industry or customer type or content that’s best used at a particular stage in a process, time, location & more.

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

Integrate with your current systems. With Bigtincan, you can integrate your content wherever it lives, including your content management system, CRM, intranet, file servers, or cloud-based solutions. Share content out to your mobile workforce, and collect valuable information in the file.



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