Pharmaceutical Blueprint

Pharmaceutical Blueprint


Pharmaceutical companies are being disrupted by demands for better outcomes, lower prices and greater regulation, requiring an interconnection platform.

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An increased focus on more positive, predictable patient outcomes and competitive pressures from low-cost sources is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry. Requirements for direct interaction with patients, health ecosystems and supply chain partners, along with the need to adapt rapidly to changing payer and regulatory policies, is forcing pharmaceutical companies to consider more agile communication and collaboration models. Traditional IT infrastructures are inhibiting pharmaceutical companies’ ability to quickly innovate more targeted drug therapies for less cost.

Capabilities include:

  • Enhanced collaboration, data-sharing and analysis across pharmaceutical companies, healthcare partners and patients enable better patient outcomes.
  • Agility in compliance processing as governmental regulations change and grow impact the business environment.
  • Streamlined product life cycles bring products to market faster and accelerate expansion into new markets.
  • Optimized, more cost-effective supply chain processes deliver higher quality products at a lower cost.
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