Manufacturing Blueprint

Manufacturing Blueprint


This document outlines how Manufacturers must optimize and scale for emerging custom manufacturing and visibility in a rapidly changing, omni-channel environment. Additionally, new demands are transforming interaction between customers, partners, and suppliers. To address, Manufacturers must move to the digital edge adjacent to customers, clouds, partners and remote devices.

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Manufacturers must optimize processes using product and customer data and automation across the product lifecycle. New data sources need to be captured and local analytics leveraged for greater insights and action. Re-architecting for interconnection at the digital edge enables the private data exchange between manufacturers’ digital ecosystems (network, cloud, IoT) on a distributed colocation data center platform. It also supports real-time collaboration with customers and supply chain partners for greater customization and servitization.

Capabilities include:

  • Greater efficiencies in automating supply chain processes ensure cost savings, faster time to market and rapid innovation via access to a competitive ecosystem of industry partners.
  • Real-time collaboration yields consumer and supply chain insights that drive new products and add value.
  • Holistic data capture and analysis on customers, products, components and regulations drive more effective, customized, higher-quality product creation and predictive preventive maintenance, while reducing liability risk.
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