Legal Blueprint

Legal Blueprint


This document outlines how legal services firms can transform their business architectures to help differentiate their offerings in an increasingly competitive environment. It shows them how leveraging private data exchange between firms, technology partners and consumers at the digital edge enables efficient and cost-effective legal service delivery. Finally, it explains how a globally distributed interconnection platform gives legal services firms access to rich digital ecosystems to compete and grow in the digital economy.

Your situation 

Legal services leaders are decoupling the practice of law from legal service delivery to meet customer demand and promote trust. A distributed platform allows them to tailor value chains to create innovative new services that are adaptable to local needs. By interconnecting cloud services, NSPs and technology partners on a global platform, these firms can replace traditional, fee-based business models with outcome-based services in a new and profitable era of digital legal services.

Capabilities include:

  • Customer-centric engagement — Customer data can be used to determine market wants and needs.
  • Aggregated data — Interconnected data lakes enable structured and unstructured data to coexist.
  • Distributed access — Reach can be extended via the digital edge.
  • Operational insight — Operations can be optimized with locally-generated insights.
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