Insurance Blueprint

Insurance Blueprint


This document outlines how Insurance providers must optimize and scale for policy collaboration in a rapidly changing, omni-channel environment while shifting to providing new types of digital insurance. Additionally, shifting demographics is transforming interaction between insurance providers, reinsurers and customers. To address, Insurance providers must move to the digital edge adjacent to customers, clouds, partners and remote devices.

Your situation 

Insurance businesses require scalable digital delivery models with rich analytics for greater consumer insights to tailor solutions and maintain customer loyalty. This requires a re-architecture to a business model based on interconnection and colocation with distributed control points. By following the three-step strategy in this document, you can locally place digital capabilities and build private exchange points adjacent to ecosystems, customers and cloud providers to scale, increase revenues and achieve greater data protection and compliance.

Capabilities include:

  • Direct and private connectivity ensures safe interactions and access to sensitive information at the edge
  • Access to dense industry ecosystems uncovers opportunities to deliver differentiated products and services
  • Innovation via business partners accelerates the creation of value-added solutions
  • Optimizing network and cloud connections on a vendor-neutral interconnection platform reduces costs
  • Integrating dynamic digital technologies supports superior service to dispersed customers
  • Real-time data access, processing and analysis delivers timely, personalized insights
  • Streamlined internal communications improves service and customer satisfaction
  • Proximity to partners and customers optimizes product delivery
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